Sociology major and Cultural Studies major | Wydział Humanistyczny AGH

Sociology major and Cultural Studies major


The Faculty of Humanities in AGH – University of Science and Technology – offers full time and extramural studies in the following disciplines:

  • SOCIOLOGY, with the specialization in Multimedia and Social Communication as well as E-Economy.
  • CULTURAL STUDIES, with the specialization in New Media and Intercultural Communication as well as Graphic Design and Audiovisual Culture.



  • Full time three-year BA programme,
  • Extramural three-year BA programme,
  • Full time two-year M.A. programme,
  • Extramural two-year M.A. programme.


Sociology studies are designed for persons interested in future employment in various spheres of business and public life (national and local administration), as well as business organizations relying on new information and communication technologies, at the post of sociologist, Public Relations specialist, press spokesman or negotiator in conflict situations.

While deeply rooted in classic sociological knowledge, the curriculum offers attending students specialist professional skills, the abilities to apply new information and communication technologies. The basic issues of contemporary humanities are also emphasized. Alongside sociology-related courses, the curriculum includes also philosophy, social ethics, social psychology, analysis of globalization processes, social and economic development of Poland in 20th century, modern Polish society studies, etc.

The specific advantage of our Faculty in relation to other sociology schools consists in the bloc of courses related to media studies, Public Relations issues, multimedia techniques, advertisement and promotion. Students attend also obligatory courses in fundamentals of computer science, databases development, multimedia presentations, computer graphics, picture and sound laboratory. These specialist courses, adapted for the needs of social problems and humanities, are taught by faculty staff from other AGH-UST departments.

In addition to the essential mandatory bloc of classic subjects, the students are offered numerous elective courses, including lectures in English delivered by visiting foreign staff.

Within the studies curriculum, students follow practical experience programs in sociological research and Public Relations activities, in social and business organizations.

The State Accreditation Commission (in its resolution No. 65/2003 of 23 October 2003) granted affirmative evaluation to the Sociology Studies at AGH-USTin recognition of the quality of offered education. In the survey published by “Polityka” weekly, it was ranked in the top ten programs. This rank was obtained in spite of relatively short history of sociology studies in our school, and provides evidence of high educational and research standards.



  • Full time three-year BA programme,
  • Extramural three-year BA programme.


The information revolution caused that representatives of various cultures have been living in mutually close neighborhood. We have been witnessing conflicts which arose because of improper understanding of “others”, i.e. the societies following value systems which may be alien to Europeans. Practical problems of contemporary world require good knowledge and skill of communication with people representing other cultures, religions and speaking foreign languages. Cultural Studies with the specialization in New Media and Intercultural Communication are designed for all those students who want to obtain competence in the filed of intercultural mediation, culture management and application of modern computer and web technologies in combination with indispensable culture expertise. In developing the curriculum, our faculty were anxious to provide graduates with both extensive knowledge about Western cultural tradition and inquisitive approach to other cultures. Graduates are expected to be competent in reading the signs and symbols of old and contemporary cultures (including subcultures and alternative spirituality movements). They need to use efficiently modern computer and web technologies and systems; should be aware of both theoretical and practical dimensions of mechanisms governing civilization processes. The extensive technological background offered by AGH – University of Science and Technology provides exceptionally advantageous support for practical study of modern media application.

Our Cultural Studies have the distinguishing value of focusing on the communication aspect of culture. Alongside the classical subjects, the curriculum offers a diverse bloc of courses related to media expertise, culture anthropology, Public Relations, persuasion techniques and problems of intercultural interpretation, as well as new tools of intercultural communication. The suggested specialization in New Media and Intercultural Communication allows students to perceive culture values and paradigms in two principal dimensions: in the traditional order and the inter-medial (virtual) perspective.

Students are also offered elective courses (including courses taught in English by visiting professors). The curriculum includes also workshops with artists and other culture-creating agents, research camp organized in the regions where local cultures cross and intermingle, and practical cultural projects. In nearest future, second degree (postgraduate) Cultural Studies will be launched. In effect, the graduates of first degree will have an opportunity to extend their knowledge to Master’s degree standards. In further perspective, doctoral studies are envisaged, providing the final stage of academic development for students of our specialization.