Deadline for submission of abstracts: 4 November 2013
Preliminary programme: 18 November 2013
Conference: 7-9 March 2014
Deadline for submission of manuscripts to Pantheon: 31 May 2014
Draft conference programme (please check back for changes)
Please note that observers are requested to pay a 20zl attendence fee per day, 10zl. with valid student ID.

◊ Friday, 7 March



Inga B. Tøllefsen & James R. Lewis: Gender and Paganism in Anglophone Census Data

Morgana Sythove: "All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals…”


11:15 coffee




Adam Anczyk: The “Left-Wing” of Paganism? Politics, Ethics and Gender in Contemporary Druidry

Giuseppe Maiello & Kamila Velkoborská: Transgender  in Contemporary Czech Paganism


12:45 lunch (We have a reservation at a nearby restaurant.  Lunch is not included in the conference fee, but the 'meal of the day' costs zl.13.)



Michal Spurgiasz: Gender and the Occult in the 20th Century

Irena Hladeckova: Comparison of gender - related rites and rituals in Czech and Irish Wiccan groups

Maciej Witulski: Gender among worshippers of Modern Witchcraft – stereotypes and facts. Example of Polish Traditional Wiccans and Eclectic Witches.


15:30 Coffee


16:00 Informal visit to the Ethnographic Museum


18:00 dinner



◊ Saturday, 8 March (International Women’s Day)


Hubbes László Attila: New Hungarian Mythology – The Feminine Aspect – (Re-)Invented Goddess-Mothers, Priestess Maidens in Recent Hungarian Mythic Narratives

Inga Jankauskienė: Variety of the Pagan Movement in Lithuanian Music


11:00 Coffee



Olga Pawlik: Living in two worlds – ontological relativity in the context of RKP society members’ family life

Dorota Solega: Woman in rituals of Native Faith neopagan groups and her sacral role in the light of traditional folk rites.



12:45 lunch



Deniver Vukelic: Gender issues in Croatian Native Faith Movement

Lenka Brichová: Why Female and Intimate Matters? Check the Goddesses of Czechs

16:00  'Dzien Baby' concert at Klub Herbaciany 'NieLubiePoniedzialkow' ul. Szlak 14


18:00  Evening at the opera (The Witches at the Opera: Woman – Knowledge – Power)


◊ Sunday, 9 March


Aitamurto, Kaarina: Methodological discussions in the study of Paganism and in the study of Islam

Adam Anczyk and Matouš Vencálek: From Pagan Studies to Scientific Study of Modern Paganisms

James R. Lewis: Stop Ignoring the Numbers! Pagan Studies and Quantitative Methods


11:30 coffee



Michael Strmiska: Judaism and Paganism: Not Quite Polar Opposites.

Anna Zaczkowska: The perfect Native Faith believer. Patterns of women’s behavior in selected Russian Neopagan groups.

Miroslav Vrzal: Pagan Metal Warrior: Construction of Male Gender in Pagan and Folk Metal Music


13:15 lunch


Scott Simpson: Constructing Masculinity in Polish Rodzimowierstwo: Tradition and Nature


Trip to Achaeological Museum (Violence and Ritual in the Neolithic: A mass grave of the globular amphora culture in Kosice)

Visit to the 'Women, Knowledge & Power' exhibit at the Sukiennice