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In 2009, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland, will celebrate its 90th Anniversary. As part of the Anniversary celebrations, we are organiizing the conference on society, culture and technology.


The problems to be discussed at the Conference will be related to today’s vision of the intermingling of structure and culture, in both the regional and the global dimension, including, in particular, the impact of new technologies upon the dynamics of structural and cultural transformations. We suggest the following tentative topics:

- communication in the social and individual life of humans,
- culture and economy in knowledge-based societies,
- biotechnologies: their social and cultural significance,
- natural environment as a space for impact of social technologies,
- technocracy and democracy,
- sustainable development in postmodern social theories,
- relations between new media and contemporary culture and art,
- science and technology as culture,
- spirituality and new patterns of behaviour: their relation to contemporary forms of   

We hope that this Conference will provide you with an opportunity for discussion and  presentation of research findings. The Conference participants will have a chance to exchange scholarly experience and initiate cooperation with representatives of various academic centres.

The languages of the Conference will be English and Polish.
The Programme Committee: Janusz Mucha (Chair), Katarzyna Leszczynska (Secretary), Anna Olszewska, Magdalena Szpunar and Maciej My?liwiec.

Please direct all correspondence to: Janusz Mucha (jmucha@post.pl) and/or Katarzyna Leszczynska (kaszha@poczta.fm). We will accept the abstracts (no more than 3600 signs with spaces) only via the website, between 1st December 2008 and 28th February 2009.

The conference fee is 400 Polish zloty (or 130 Euro).

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