Organisation of the academic year


On the basis of the Rector"s Order of 28th of May 2012 and pursuant to the AGH-UST Study Regulations,  the schedule of academic year 2012/2013 has been established as follows:

1st October - 24th February   -   winter semester

1st October - 28th January -   winter semester classes (15 weeks)

31st Octoberr - 2nd November   -   occasional break

22nd December - 2nd January    -   winter holidays

29th Jauary - 1oth February  -   winter examination session – part I

11 th February - 17th February  -   midsemester break

18st February - 24th February  -   winter examination session – part II


28th of January 2013 (Monday) - classes according to the Wednesday schedule.

25th February - 30th September  -  summer semester

25th February - 21st June  -   summer semester classes (15 weeks)

29th March - 2nd April -  spring break

29th April - 5th May - occasional break

30th May -- day off

21th June - 7th July   -  summer examination session

8th July - 1st September  -   summer holidays, practical placements and fieldwork

2nd September - 15th September   -   autumn examination session.


19th of June 2013 (Wednesday) - classes according to the Thursday schedule the Friday schedule

The period between 16th September – 30th September is designed to arrange all the students" affairs connected with the end of the previous academic year and the beginning of the new academic year.